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Batman Wall Paper

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Optimus Prime Wall Paper

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From your mind to my Mac

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Our wide range of services

Digital Art and Design

Inshane Thrillustrations sweet spot is working with small local businesses, budding entrepeneurs or the creative individual who just needs my creative drive.

One of my recent projets include the creation of client mailers for a local marketing firm called Marketing Advisory Network.



I understand that many people have different schedules, so rest assured that if you cannot meet me in person, I am adept at using online colaboration tools like Dropbox, Joinme, and Facetime to get the job done!


Whether you need a poster, flyer, logo, or artwork for your class project or powerpoint presentation, we can help.


Contact me today and let me help you to bring your ideas to life!

Freehand Illustration

There are times when freehand illustration is what my client needs. Sometimes you don't need your art in vector format but rather as a scan. That freehand drawing can be delivered as a JPG as is, or colorized in Photoshop first.



"Republicans and Cigarettes" - A sketch done for a local businessmans birthday.



A cover illustration for the Scarlet Letter

Specialized Services

Vectorizing Drawings of plans from 1800s

floor plan


Job Close Out Books

New Balance Job Book


Large Format Scanning

We have the capabilities to scan flat images up to 13x19 inches at a competitive price.


Large Format Printing
We can also print up to 13x19 on a variety of media.

Our Software and Tools

adobe illustrator cs6

Adobe Illustrator CS6
Digital Art, Logo Design and Vectorizing Drawings

PS By Janice Flyer

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Photo Touch, Art Enhancement
woburn high robotics club

Corel Painter 12
Digital Painting
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Digital Tablet and Stylus
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5th January 2014

"Manifest Destiny: Westward Expansion.....in a Can"
This educational infomercial describes a much easier way to discover the west.
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2nd February 2014

"Jim Crow the Movie" was another class project for AP US History. The movie explains Jim Crow laws were state and local laws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern United States. All movie cells were hand drawn by me and then imported into Final Cut Pro.

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